Youth Explosion

Youth Explosion Recap

September 29th, 2023 marked the date of our very first Youth Explosion, orchestrated by Restoring The Years Global Ministries and the Miracle Foundation of Arts and Academics. Our goal of exposing the love of Christ to the up-and-coming generation was exceeded. MC’s Juanya Gaskin, and Lance Avery Brown, served as tour guides into the God given talents of every single performer, and enhanced the experience of every act with love, laughter, and cheers. We were blessed to Witness the move of God. Individuals from different walks of life, such as the artists “Hasani Vibez” and “Southsidepoēt” excited us with their original works of “Still Outside” and “Inspiration,”while a Jazz combo from Kennesaw State University and a soloist took us back in time with the songs “Up Above My Head and At Last.”

Students from all over the Atlanta area came out and took part in the celebration of being young in Christ, and every single participant came with their own style and flavor that was unique to themselves. By the end of the night, after two beautiful song selections of Let Praises Rise and Total Praise that shifted the atmosphere to a higher level of worship and praise to God, our leaders Pastor Nick and Apostle Rhonda Travitt gave words of wisdom and held an altar call for the youth. As the night concluded, our pastors released the youth with a blessing and a thank you to all participants for showcasing their talents. This was truly a night to remember. We are grateful to all who came out to support the youth.