To-Get-Her Together

The Encounter

Authentic. Raw. Powerful. Impactful.

Dr. Rhonda Travitt came ready and equipped to reach the hearts of every single woman in attendance as the host for the first ever singles ladies edition of To.Get.Her. together. From start to finish, women were hesitant to leave their seat because they did not want to miss a pivotal moment. During the conference, Dr. Travitt revealed the true definition of accomplishment and what it means to be YOU, unapologetically. The idealistic and fantastical expectations we often have of ourselves and of marriage were confronted as the invitation went forth to be naked and unashamed. As women began sharing their testimonies, deliverance came forth, encouraging every woman to embrace her God-given nature as an OVERCOMER. Even as single women, we are enough. One of our greatest takeaways from this conference is simply this: Confidence cannot be manufactured-it must be grown! It grows from the moment we learn our identity and matures as we dare to walk boldly as Daughters of God.


Jaida Ashley
Being able to experience the Single Ladies Retreat was an eye opener to what I really need to be doing in my life! The love, advice and support from Apostle Rhonda and all the other ladies there…will stay with me forever. I truly walked out a different woman knowing that I Am Enough.


Jackie Jackson
The singles retreat was more than a conference it was a life changing experience. I’m so amazed at how each one is different but yet the same in the sense of it’s truth from the beginning to the end, no secrets, just a safe place to be free. You’re left wanting to share your story, get your deliverance, and be forever free of the chains that held you captive. You leave feeling like this heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders knowing that you were not alone in your struggles and that there are others  dealing with the same issues. That alone brings a sigh of relief. EVERYTHING was covered, ALL questions were answered and there was no shame at all. When you can attend a conference where people WANT  to share, then you’ve discovered a jewel. My sincerest thanks to Apostle Rhonda for what we know God has truly called her to do. God Bless!

Bretina Shannon
I knew I was in for a treat attending this Single Women’s Conference! It had been a while since I’d heard Apostle Rhonda’s voice, but every time I hear it my soul smiles, cause I know I’m about to receive wisdom and a level of deliverance. She was real and raw, which is often missing in the life of single Christian Women. Her vulnerability and honesty about her own life allowed other women to let down their guards, become vulnerable themselves and they were able to release deep hurts and traumas they had been dealing with, past and present. Many women were set free and I was blessed to be a part of that experience. I love Apostle Rhonda. She has a pure and sincere heart, but will NOT allow you to walk in deception! I’m grateful for her ministry!