Dr. Rhonda Travitt

“Matters of the Heart Because the Heart Matters” Women’s Conference 2022 occurred at Restoring the Years Global Ministries in Smyrna, GA, on September 18, 2022. With nearly 100 attendees, the conference was a success. Providing a sanctuary for women to relax, rebalance, rejuvenate, and retreat, Dr. Rhonda Travitt, senior pastor of Restoring the Years Global Ministries, guided the conference of women through healing, deliverance, and renewal through life’s toughest challenges.

Matters of the heart because

The Heart Matters

Topics Included:

  • Family, Marriage, Children
  • Have You Given Up On Love
  • Our Own Brokenness – An Alabaster Box
  • The Challenge Bowl

If you haven’t attended an RTYGM Women Summit yet, here’s what you need to know: Our events focus on teaching straight from the Word of God that will challenge, encourage, and equip you for God’s calling in your life beyond your title. If you’ve attended before, you know how much fun we have!

There’s a reason why women across the nation turn to Dr. Rhonda Travitt for a pure and raw conference to shake them out of routine faith.

You won’t find sugar-coated truths or half-hearted declarations; instead, you’ll experience wholehearted teaching to inspire and challenge you to step into God’s plan for your life.



What Conference Goer’s Are Saying

This conference provided a sense of support and connection with a community of women who are more alike than different, which was really valuable.

Dr. Travitt reiterated the old saying that “You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”, that we’re more than what we’ve been through.

I found a sanctuary where I felt safe to break and rejuvenate.

I learned that my brokenness is not a tragedy but a sweet fragrance before the Lord; my own personal alabaster box.

I learned tools to help me not to neglect my own heart; but listen to it and go through the process as there is healing on the other side.

I was able to forgive myself for giving the best parts of me away to someone who never deserved me.