Everyone is talking about money these days. From the price of gas to interest rates to the housing market, to cryptocurrencies–we are all concerned about money. More than ever, the concept of ‘net pay’ is important. Why? Because our shrinking dollars are buying less.

Jesus spoke quite a bit about money. If we look at His teachings, we’ll see plenty of warnings not to put our trust and affections into material wealth. He shocks the disciples by declaring,

“Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the Kingdom of God!” (Mark 10:24)

When Jesus met Peter, Andrew, James, and John, they were fishing–literally putting their nets into the water. As fishermen, they earned their living by using their nets, but when Jesus came along, the security they were accustomed to was hung up to dry out for good. These fishermen decided to put all their confidence in the Carpenter from Nazareth. 

Often in God’s Word, we can see patterns. He is so gracious that He gives us glimpses into the lives of others who lived before us, so we can begin to know Him better.

Abraham left his family and his country to go to an unknown land of promise. Jacob fled from his homeland with only a staff in his hand and a generational blessing. Moses left the security of being Egyptian royalty to follow God’s call on his life. Esther forsook the safety of palace protocol in order to step into her role as deliverer.

In finance terminology, net-zero means no gains and no losses. In God’s kingdom, big losses are often the prerequisite for tremendous gains. Jesus taught us this lesson when he said,

“I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone [just one grain, never more]. But if it dies, it produces much grain and yields a harvest.” (John 12:24)

Regardless of who we are or what our lives are like, the Lord is requiring us all to sacrifice the same thing–our safety nets. As frightening as the idea may be, it’s His way of delivering us from an average existence with no real gains to speak of.
Faith ChallengeConsider this quote by Pastor Nick Travitt: “We have too many safety nets when God is trying to elevate us.” What safety nets do you have in place in your life that keep you from relying wholeheartedly on the Lord? Make a list of what comes to mind and commit each one to the Lord in prayer this week.