Welcome to 2022! Crossing over into a new year is cause for thanksgiving and celebration. We don’t know what this year will bring, but we can face the days and months ahead with the wisdom we’ve gained from the past two years of pandemic life…. 

Two years? It seems odd to say that we’ve had two full years of watching and experiencing quarantines, restricted travel and movement, daily (sometimes hourly) health news updates, store shortages, and face masks. We gotten used to altered store and restaurant hours. How many times have we called places of business these past two years to ask, “Are you open?”  

With all the upheaval and disruption, God is asking the same of us. He wants to know if we are still open to hear His voice, to enjoy His presence, to serve Him faithfully, and to live out His word. Many churches transitioned to online services during the pandemic, and some were unable to survive. With so much loss and uncertainty around us, the spiritual lives of many people also went into intensive care.  

The good news is that regardless of our condition, God is looking at each of us like star players on His team. He’s holding the ball and yelling out, “Hey, are you open?” He wants to give us an opportunity to demonstrate His goodness and power to our friends, family, community, and the world whose eyes are looking at us.  

The Bible confirms that God is just looking for someone He can throw the ball to; and He’s not looking for perfect players. We know the backstories of Moses, David, and Paul–all murderers–who became champions for the Lord. Remember Rahab the prostitute? She jumped at the chance to help God’s people when she saw she was in the perfect position to do so. Now she’s a great-grandmother to Jesus with an honorable mention in the Hall of Faith.   

As we read the Scriptures, it’s clear that God has been passing the ball to liars, deceivers, cowards, and all sorts of unlikely people for a long time. He hasn’t changed, and now it’s your turn. Are you open? If so, keep your hands up and look forward to 2022 being a year for the record books! 


In Your Court Challenge: Read Hebrews Chapter 11.